Slide Motum’s ground-breaking, patented technology delivers the most complete 6 Degree of Freedom (6DoF) motion profile for motorsport, automotive, defence, aerospace, research and industry. true motion™ simulation a


The Motum MP6-VR delivers peak and sustained G-forces to provide accurate and intuitive motion cues in a fully-immersive virtual reality environment, delivered in a TIG-welded high-tensile stainless steel chassis, customisable gold anodized space frame and fitted with market-leading components.

motum steering wheel-800


Motum provide a range of True Motion™ and static simulation solutions


"We can't test at Bathurst, but we've got the next best thing with our Motum Simulator, which we'll be cutting a lot of laps in before we get there!"

Walkinshaw Andretti United
James Hinchcliffe

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